Mixing & Mastering On-Line


  1. The individual tracks must be sent as audio files .wav or .aiff .; they must be exported synchronously to timeline 0, so they must all start from the same point, start of the music session.
  2. The tracks must not be normalized and must respect their original format and resolution (mono / stereo, bit rate, sampling frequency), the recommended MINIMUM resolution is: 24bit / 44.1 Khz. However, we also accept other resolutions through agreements. We recommend sending a text file containing any desired requests or particularities and the bpm of each song; it is preferable that the text is well detailed.
  3. It is also possible to accept entire sessions of Cubase or Pro Tools, provided that no plug-ins are inserted on the tracks.
  4. The effects used, if a premix is ​​present, should be exported to separate audio tracks, unless they are an integral part of the sound itself (this is especially true for electronic music projects). In any case the effects used in send / return mode must be exported separately. Together with the separate tracks must be sent: a reference mix for each song; one or more reference songs to understand the preferred sound direction; this will serve as a guide track.


  1. The mastering tracks must be exported keeping the resolution used in the mix, better to use NON-LOWER bit rates to 24 bits, eg 24bit / 44.1Khz, 24bit / 48.2Khz, etc.
  2. During the mix phase, do not use plug-ins to maximize the master, this will be done during the mastering phase. Therefore make sure that the maximum peak of the mix is ​​between -6 dBFS and -3 dBFS, so as to leave "space" to treat compressions in the same way. If the mix already sounds loud and exceeds the recommended peaks, do not intervene on the master, rather rebalance the mix so as to have an optimal sum for the master that is on the recommended peak values.
  3. Make sure in the mix phase that there are no peaks in distortion on the individual tracks (red clip); if present, intervene on distorted traces.
  4. Send a text file that contains any requests, tracks bpm and any execution order. Together with the tracks to be burned, a reference file can be sent which will serve as a guide for mastering in order to understand the preferred style.

Instructions for the upload

Files must be archived in .zip or .rar format;

The archive must be named using ONLY alpha-numeric characters (no special characters) and WITHOUT spaces (underscore is allowed).

It is possible to send us the material by at the email address: walkinsoundrecords@gmail.com



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